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Jul 27 / George

Finding the right summer school programme for your child

The benefits of summer school programmes for your child’s educational skills, social skills and life skills are well documented. To make the most of this valuable opportunity, however, you will need to do some research to make sure that you choose the programme that is tailored to meet your child’s needs.

This guide reveals the factors you should consider when you look for the perfect summer school for your child to attend.

Include your child

To be a success your choice of school needs to meet your child’s aspirations and desires as well as yours. Include them in the selection process from the start.

Type of school

Here are some considerations for the type of school that is right for your child.

  • Is a structured or informal approach to learning more suited to your child?
  • Do they prefer to learn individually or through group activities?
  • Do you hope to place elder or younger siblings at the school with them?
  • Are they used to single-sex education or learning in a mixed-sex group?
  • How long will they stay for?
  • Is a smaller camp with fewer students more suitable or one with a large number of students?
  • Will they feel at home with older students or would a camp catering for only students of a similar age be preferable?
  • Would a school offering parent and child programmes where you study with your child be more suitable?

Summer activities in school


Location may be a factor that limits your choice. For instance, if you wish to visit during the summer school programme you will need a school that is close to home. You should bear in mind that making the right choice of school is more important than the right choice of location. If all goes as planned it really will not matter how far or close they are to home.

Courses and activities

Are you looking for a speciality camp – where one activity is emphasised – or a general one that offers courses and activities in a wide number of subjects?

Once you have found programme that suits your child’s learning needs try and find out whether the ethos is competitive or inclusive, intensive or based on enjoyment, social or individual. This will help you to provide a learning environment that matches your child’s needs.

Happy kids jumping

Happy campers

If you find a junior summer school that meets your needs do ask for some references for families who have attended and do get in touch with them. Summer camps really help bridge that learning gap and boost your child’s skills so choosing the right school makes for a happy camping experience. Visit site recommendations in the resource below for more help and advice.


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