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Nov 19 / George

Some Technology Gadgets for 2013

Gadgets are these little additions that can make work and our daily lives more exciting or easier, or even both. These days, technology gadgets are used by everyone, techies or not and will probably come on the top of many Christmas and birthdays present lists. If you really like to have the latest gadgets before everyone else, here are a few that you should look into for 2013.

Wristband charger

The more evolved the phone and the more functions you use it for, the quicker the battery gets used. We have all found ourselves with a phone or an mp3 player which battery died while we still needed to use it. And of course, this always happens when there isn’t any charger available. Well, with a wristband charger, the power is literally in your hands! Just charge it and strap it around your wrist when you’re on the move and can’t afford to run out of battery.

Laser projection keyboard

projection keyboard

If you are frequently using an iPad or even an iPhone to type documents or loads of text messages, you’ll know that this can be a tedious task. Fortunately, you can now project a keyboard on any surface and type like on a computer. All you need is a device than connects wirelessly to your screen and a flat surface to project the keyboard on. These projection devices are much smaller than any other additional keyboard and easy to take with you everywhere.

Neural Impulse Actuator

Neural Impulse Accelorator

A dream came true for all gamers: the neural impulse actuator (NIA) transforms the biosignals of your body into electrical impulses and commands to the computer. As a result, you are experiencing a total immersion into the game. You are not interacting with your character anymore, you are the character. Furthermore, the use of a NIA can reduce your reaction time by 50%, giving you a better accuracy and an advantage in multi-players games.