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Jan 31 / George

Five creative things you can do with a label printer

Custom made jars

A label printer can help you in so many aspects of your life and not just with tasks in the office. The humble label printer is an incredibly versatile device whose small and compact size can sometimes mask the sheer scope of things it is truly capable of.

Of course, not all label printers are the same. From desktop tag and label printers to stand alone industrial bar code equipment, black and white workhorses to short run, full-colour digital label printers, thermal and thermal transfer label printers to foil laminating printers: label printers vary greatly in their quality, applications and speed.

South East Labels have produced a series of handy buyer’s guides to help explain the differences between models. If you are thinking of buying a new printer have a quick look at their website to get the lowdown and find out which one is right for you.

Regardless of the model you have , here are five ways to make the most of your printer. It’s time to get creative and start really making that label printer work for you at home or in the office.

1. Food labels

With some clever design and a sprinkling of imagination printing and applying a custom label to homemade food jars or drinks can give them that professional touch and make truly attractive gifts out of them.

Wedding favours such as cookies can be wrapped in individual cellophane bags labelled with the couple’s names and pictures. Labelled homebrew or pickles can suddenly acquire a touch of class: Gordon’s Grog, Al’s Ale, Courtney’s Chutney or Grandma’s Best ‘Bites Back’ Pickle?

2. Give your photos a ‘mat’ finish

Here’s another creative use for that printer. You can apply a photo printed on a custom label to a coaster to quickly make your own personalised drink mats. These are fantastic inexpensive gifts to send out as a thank-you for newborn baby presents, as wedding gifts or as extras to pop in the party bag for children attending a birthday.

3. Disc-cover your inner designer

So you have agonised over the selection and sequencing of a gift compilation of your favourite music or video clips. You may even have designed the perfect jewel case using a collage of images. Unfortunately you are still left with an ugly, if shiny, disc inside the case. A custom printed label to the disc itself will help round off the perfect present.

4. Make Easter your own

This Easter your label printer can help you make a personal gift that will be fondly remembered.

Take some small glass jars and fill them with a carefully chosen selection of sweets. Next use your printer to run off customised labels for each recipient and you will have a delightful looking gift that is so much more special than the usual mass produced chocolate egg.

labelling jars

5. Make your office the Post Office

You can forget queuing for stamps because your label printer can help you to print postage stamps directly from your computer without leaving the office. What’s more you will not even need to lick them to affix them to your letters!

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